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What is this service?

Young people living in Evolve Housing properties will now be able to learn about relationships, money management and how to be a good tenant with the new Online Living Skills program.

The educational program is available for any young Evolve Housing resident to access. It uses colourful, interactive graphics to present content about important ‘life skills’ that young people will need to learn as they navigate early adulthood.

It is the first ‘life skills’ program in the community housing sector to use online multimedia content, and can be accessed on a phone, tablet or computer. Residents can also access one-on-one support from their caseworker if they need help to complete the course.

How is it delivered?

The program was created by the Evolve Housing for Youth (EHY) team and funded by grants from Cumberland Council (who contributed $20, 000) and the City of Parramatta (who contributed $10, 000).

Content is based on information written by a housing professional and updated by EHY staff, while the graphics were made by Singapore-based company Up 2 Speed.

Modules teach participants about their rights and responsibilities as housing residents, how to access and use their identity documents, how to manage their finances and access income support, how to build and maintain healthy relationships, how to maintain their tenancy, and about education, employment and volunteering.

The program takes around four to six weeks to complete and includes quizzes for each module. Participants will receive a certificate for each topic they complete and another one when they finish the course.

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Living skills are the foundations for a successful life whether it be in sustaining a tenancy or being able to budget household finances. Having a living skills program gives our clients the opportunity to better their circumstances in every aspect of life not just in finding and maintaining long-term accommodation. These skills will allow and foster personal growth in our clients now and in their future.


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